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Thursday, November 30, 2017

A Genius Idea!

Never loose an earring back & use up some of your stash!"

Take some 22 gauge wire, string some beads & attach one end to a post earring & the other end to the clutch.  You will never loose the back of your earring again because it is attached!

A Cutter That Everyone Loves...

Need a new cutter that is super sharp & super affordable?  Try the Flush Side Cutter.  These Comfortable Grip pliers feature hardened steel jaws which make a flush cut.  The small portable size (3.5″) makes it the perfect cutter to take when “on the go”.  These standard wire cutters are suitable for cutting flexible beading wire, head pins, eye pins and thin gauge wire.  Warning: They are NOT suitable for cutting memory wire.


If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then is an empty desk a sign?”
-Albert Einstein
My answer would be… “An empty mind”?
I think Einstein was on to something when he said that.
I always have at least a dozen projects going at the same time.
When I run out of room on my bead boards, I start staking them!!
Is that insane?
When the stacked bead boards start to tilt, I spread out to the dining room table, the living room and then even my bedroom!  When does it stop!  (My husband stops it at the bedroom!!)
When I run out of storage bags for my UFO’s (UnFinished Projects) it’s a sure sign to start finishing my projects!
If you need to get out of the house & work on your UFO’s, check out our class schedule.  Anytime a class is not going on, you are welcome to come in and work on those UnFinished Projects on your check list.  You can use our work tables & you are away from any distractions…like laundry, dishes and most of all….the HUSBAND, KIDS OR GRANDKIDS.  We look forward to helping you finish your beading projects!

A Must Have For Every Beader..

​Pick up, sort, and pour beads.  The triangular shape & angled edges allow you to use these trays as clever little bead scoops to chase down errant beads.  Sort your beads into different trays while you’re working.  When you’re ready to put your beads away, pour them directly from any corner into small bags, tubes or compartments.  These trays nest, so they are easy to pack along for beading on the go. Bright aluminum lets you see your beads clearly.  And they are super affordable!!

Rainbow Color Selector Wheel

At last, an easy-to-use color wheel for anyone who makes color decisions! Unique features make it particularly effective for color matching or for quickly seeing a choice of many color combinations. Every beaders should have one within arms reach!

Bracelet Secrets

Have you ever made a bracelet for someone that is just a little too short or too long for the wearer and you have to remake the whole thing?  Seriously...no fun! 
Making the bracelet with "built in" extension abilities is the simple answer to this dilemma, and couldn't be easier!   
Just add a few links of chain before adding the clasp & at the end of 
the bracelet.  Add a dangle for a great finishing touch! 
Voila!  You have instant success and everyone thinks you are a genius! 

Our Most Popular Clasp!

​Available in several different finishes in the popular 9mm size.
Bright silver, bright gold, bright copper, oxidized silver, oxidized copper, gunmetal, oxidized gold and rhodium finish.. Available in packages of 5 clasps. (some styles also sold separately)

Monday, November 27, 2017

Free Stitching Event Thursday!

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